Which alloy should be used for battery soft pack foil?

The preferred aluminum material for is 8021 aluminum foil, which has excellent quality such as deep drawability, good electrolyte corrosion resistance and heat seal strength.
The battery soft pack aluminum foil is used in various types of lithium batteries such as soft lithium batteries and polymer lithium batteries. The battery soft pack aluminum foil is a polymer shell on the liquid lithium ion battery.
The soft pack battery is packaged in a batterysoft pack aluminum foil, and in the case of a safety hazard, the soft pack battery will only burst at most, unlike an aluminum shell of a steel shell.
The third-generation power battery made of is lighter, thinner, has longer cycle life, better safety, high energy density, stable platform, excellent power performance, environmental protection and pollution-free advantages. The products manufacturers are favored and the products are steadily rising. This product is widely used in electric bicycles, electric vehicles, power tools, electric toys, solar photovoltaic systems, cigarette lighter power supplies, emergency lighting, portable power supplies and mine safety equipment.
Auxiliary products are mainly used in electronic products, such as laptop batteries, LED lights, flashlights, Bluetooth headsets, etc. The product company provides customer service, and can be customized according to the size, voltage, capacity and other flexible customized products.
Which alloy should be used for battery soft pack foil?

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