The advantages and disadvantages of using Mingtai 6061alumin

Speed – Can achieve floor to floor cycle time as minimum as 4 -5 days.
Cost – Very high no. of repetitions – unit material cost achieved after 100 repetitions is as low as Rs.100/SqM.
Durability – Long life being non corrosive in nature, can perform upto 250 repetitions max. with proper maintenance & refurbishment.
High Labour Productivity – Very light weight, easy manual handling, basically single type of panel joints, no tower crane dependency.
Quality – Excellent concrete surface finish, enables elimination of plastering thereby saving project duration and cost.
High salvage value.
Very high investment.
Not cost effective if no. of repetitions are less.
Compatible only for residential apartments with repetitive layouts and restricted loads.
RCC slab to be designed for stripping after 36 hours with props left under.
Chances for pilferage due to high cost.
The advantages and disadvantages of using Mingtai 6061alumin


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