What is the standard aluminum trim coil thickness stock?

Aluminum trim coil is easy to shape, form, cut, and fasten. Used to create decorative trim accents and other design elements. It is designed to cover and protect hard to maintain areas of the home’s exterior. Covering rake boards, fascia boards, trim around windows, corner trimming are a few of the many uses.

What are the performance features of aluminum trim coil?

Aluminum trim coil also named as painted aluminum trim coil and coated aluminum trim coil. Coated aluminum trim coil is with good gloss, adhesion and corrosion resistance. It can be divided into Polyester coated aluminum coil and PVDF coated aluminum coil. Aluminum trim coil have many performance features to other materials for decoration. Here we will learn the main classify and the features of Haomei aluminum trim coil.

What's the roller coating process of an aluminum trim coil?

From the middle of the last century roll coating development, are mainly roller coating. The production of aluminum trim coil is made by the precision coating machine, which uniformly spreads the same thickness coating on the surface of the preprocessed aluminum trim coil, and uniformly enters the oven with the exhaust device, and roasts and solidifies by the infrared or hot air circulation. A complete roller coating film with a certain thickness is obtained by cross-linking the film at a specific temperature.

How to Install Aluminum Trim Coil

Many sheet metal manufacturers produce aluminum trim coil that you can install on your house to cover base materials to provide a finishing feature. Typical uses include the trim for windows, soffit boarding, siding and roof edging. Aluminum trim coil comes in a large range of colors, widths and gauge thicknesses to complement your trim design needs. Knowing how to install the trim allows you to create a professional finish that is durable and cost-effective over the long term.

Aluminum Coil Measurements

In addition to aluminium alloy grades and tempers, when selecting aluminum coil stock for sale, customers also need to check out the various data of aluminium roll according to their production purpose.