Color aluminium door window is good?

As the fervent of Chinese real estate market, product of all sorts of new-style building materials appears ceaselessly, door window of door of door of window of color aluminium alloy is door of window of chromatic aluminium alloy, its main material pledges is aluminium alloy, have installation convenient, color choice is much wait for a characteristic, replace common door window gradually. As ordinary consumers, in the purchase of colored aluminum doors and Windows need to pay attention to what is the question of many friends. Next and “future home installs a net” one to see color aluminium door window good? Attention to the choice of colored aluminum doors and Windows!

What are the benefits of aluminium Windows?

Door window concerns daylighting, ventilated, seal, heat insulation, sound insulation wait for functional demand, also concern the requirement of the building adornment such as line, colour and lustre, represented master more aesthetic and pursuit. Window of aluminium alloy door is good with its adornment effect, performance is outstanding, and in numerous door window material pledges stand out, be used extensively in contemporary household.
Advantages of aluminum doors and Windows:

What are the properties of 6063 aluminum plate?

6063 aluminum alloy plate are widely used in building aluminum doors and windows and curtain wall framework, in order to ensure that the doors and windows, curtain walls with high wind resistance performance, assembly performance, corrosion resistance and decorative properties, requirements for the comprehensive performance of aluminum alloy profile is much higher than the industry standard sections.

How to avoid aluminum profile scratches and grooves defects

The surface of extruded aluminum products has rough vertical or horizontal grooves and scratches. The scratches that are recessed from the surface are mostly caused by the adhesion of the mold or rough machining at the blank knife. Another is raised the scratch appeared on the corner of the products, is generated due to the extrusion die crack. Transverse cut or scratch is mainly due to the finished products from sliding on lateral to cooling bed on the hard thing to highlight when sawing machine will product scratches, also have a plenty of in the loading, handling. Scratches and scratches are common surface defects in aluminum extrusion process.

The rinsing technique of aluminum profile

The maintenance and management of chemical reaction solution is very important on surface pretreatment, as well as the rinsing technique play an important role, because it may cause some problem in the product quality and production lines of surface pretreatment.

High Quality Aluminum Sheet For Building

Aluminum sheet is widely used as the exterior walls and roofing in construction industry, such as the airport, high speed rail station, sports hall and so on, and the aluminum sheet can highlight the characteristic of building.

Aluminum Manganese Alloy Sheet For Fence

Aluminum profile is widely used in external wall and roof on construction industry, due to its economy, practical and elegance. Aluminum also can highlight the architectural personality, like airport, high-speed rail station, stadium and stylish housing.