How to Deal with Discarded Aluminum Discs

Aluminum discs have a wide range of applications in our daily life. Why do users like to choose products made from aluminum discs? In fact, there is no other commodity that can replace aluminum circles, but because aluminum discs have many advantages over other metal products,so it’s normal for aluminum circlesto be widely used in our lives. However, how to deal with waste aluminum discs after use? The exact way to deal with it is not that it does not exist, but very few people do it.

Application of Aluminum Circles in the Furniture Industry

With the advancement of the times, the application of aluminum circles in household products is increasing, and the application of aluminum circles is ubiquitous in our lives. For example, the shells of various home appliances in our lives, as well as a variety of electronic products and automotive products,etc. The general reason for the application of aluminum wafers is that aluminum has properties that are not found in other metals. So what is the application of aluminum circles in the furniture industry?

What is a pure aluminum sheet?

Aluminum sheet, as its name implies, is made of aluminum or aluminum alloy material. Or it is the type of aluminum products by flat aluminum embryo through heating, rolling and straightening or solution and aging process made.

Why are aluminum parts cleaned with nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid?

The aluminum parts processing industry has been to clean oil removal mainly by acid cleaning, using acid reaction to remove the surface of aluminum oil, but also to remove the raw edge of the product, so that the product surface oxidized to white. However, the high precision requirements of aluminum products should not use acid aluminum products cleaning agent. In addition to the oil to be completely removed at the same time can not have any impact on the surface of the product, do not change the color, size.

Aluminum alloy for light-pole

Cement, cast iron, steel, fiber glass reinforced plastics, etc. are the material for light-pole. The light-pole that made of cement has a low cost, and it no need to processed by surface treatment. However, cement light-pole is very heavy, a high transportation costs, expensive installation equipment and high risk are the weak side. At present, most of the light-pole is made of cast iron, this kind of light-pole has a low cost and a high intensity. However, cost iron light-pole will occurs severe corrosion during use, so it must be maintained regularly, and brings a high maintenance costs.

How to maintain the anode oxide film of aluminum alloy profiles

After the chemical or electrochemical polishing, then the anodizing treatment, the aluminum products will obtain a smooth and bright layer of oxide film, with a high transparency, at this time, the aluminum alloy surface is easy to obtain various colors by dyeing. In the field of industry, the anodizing treatment or chemical oxidation methods are becoming more and more widely used, it makes aluminum alloys to obtain a layer of oxide film, and to achieve a purpose of protection and decoration.

What kind of aluminum plate is suitable for making aluminum sheet wire drawing?

In recent years, more and more metal shells of aluminum products have been made of metal wire drawing technology to enhance the beauty and resist erosion. Make products both fashionable and technological. This is one of the reasons why the technology is so popular. Aluminum sheet wire drawing is the process of repeatedly using sandpaper to scrape the aluminum plate out of line. The main process of the aluminum sheet is deester, sand mill and water wash.