Introduction to different classifications of aluminum plates

Aluminum plate is a rectangular material with rectangular cross section and uniform thickness, which is made of pure aluminium or aluminium alloy by pressure processing (shearing or sawing).· Classification of aluminum materials according to different classifications: In the international classification of aluminium materials, it is customary to call aluminium materials with thickness of more than…

Get the Aluminum You Need with Aluminum Plate Drops

If you have ever needed a small piece of aluminum for a project, then you likely know how frustrating it can be to purchase. Many aluminum distributors have hefty minimum purchase requirements, sawing charges, and not to mention lead times. In addition, many metals distributors inventory many different metals, cataloging only a small selection in each alloy. This can be problematic from both a price and availability standpoint while searching for a small piece of aluminum. Howard Precision Metals, a 100% aluminum distribution and service center, has the perfect solution: the random rack.

What is Brushed Aluminum Plate

Threaded aluminium plate with a circular felt a small motor mounted on the shaft, and should be fixed on the surface of the table, edge of about 60 degree Angle with the table, in addition to do a dragging plate with fixed aluminum plate pressure tea, dragging plate with a straight edge, polyester film used to restrict thread race.Using the rotation of the felt and the linear motion of the dragboard, the surface of the aluminum plate spins the thread of uniform width.

Introduction to the type of aluminum number plate

Aluminum number plate refers to the sign and name plate products made of aluminum raw materials, which are collectively referred to as aluminum number plate .Actually the kinds of aluminum plate is not a single, common types with aluminum wire cutting, stamping, concave and convex, etching, oxidation, laser engraving, reflective film, screen printing, four-color offset printing, thermal transfer, luminous printing and aluminium alloy die casting molding.The best results can be customized according to different manufacturing process when choosing aluminum number plate products.

Proper Care & Maintenance of Aluminum Diamond Plate

If you work in construction, chances are you familiar with aluminum diamond plate. Also known as floor plate, tread plate or checker plate, aluminum diamond plate features a pattern of raised diamonds on one side and no texture at all on the reverse. This lightweight metal stock is typically made from aluminum, but it can also be made from steel and stainless steel.

Suggestions to aluminum sheet and plate distributors

Nowadays, distribution is very popular business form in the aluminum market, however, distributors need to cooperate with manufacturers, so they must consider more about the manufacturer. But while choosing a manufacturer, many distributors did not grasp well, this lead to the choice is not suitable or even bad and result in serious losses. Here are the suggestions for aluminum sheet and plate distributors how to choose the…

The introduction of cellular aluminum plate

Honeycomb aluminum plate is made up of aluminum honeycomb, aluminum alloy plate on the back and the middle compounded paste; Honeycomb aluminum plate is whole aluminum products with light weight and high strength, easy to recycle, conforms to the spirit of the contemporary environmental protection.Honeycomb aluminum plate used in the construction, can bear the wind pressure strength requirement of special region supertall buildings, can meet the demand of building a bigger frame, and has the very good flatness.

Aluminum Plate Elongation

Aluminum plate, it is to point to made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy materials through pressure processing (shear or sawing) cross section is rectangular, thickness of rectangular material, aluminum material.

How can I choose the aluminum plate for the PCB printed circuit board?

Aluminum drill entry plate, also known as aluminum plate for PCB, which is commonly used for insulation boards for electronic products. PCB, also known as printed circuit board, is generally composed of a circuit and a picture surface, a dielectric layer, a hole, a solder resist ink, a silk screen and surface treatment. The hole…

Basic procedures for producing aluminum plate

In judging the quality of alloy aluminium plate, we should pay attention to the surface smoothness, but also observe whether the thickness of the aluminum plate is uniform, pinch the plate by hand, feel whether the elasticity and toughness are good. So understanding the production process of aluminium sheet can help you better judge the…