What is the difference between a polished aluminum mirror sheet and a mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet?

How to distinguish between polished aluminum mirror sheet and mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet? Many methods, such as tear protective film on the surface of the can, and then touch the mirror, see the perspiration will stay above, and then clean the paper, look at that, if left no trace, is after anodic oxidation treatment, and if not only left hand finger print, and the clean the dirty of that kind of is the mirror polishing. Another approach is to bend the aluminum around the ear and listen for specific sounds that, if slightly broken, are anodized, whereas polished ones do not. Another method is to bend the product at 90 degrees T. The product with good quality will have slight bleaching. When the anodized film is burst, it will have bleaching, while the product with poor quality will not have such condition.

What is the production process of the China aluminum mirror sheet?

Aluminum mirror sheet has many different types. According to low to high grades, it includes film mirror aluminum, domestic polished mirror aluminum, imported polished mirror aluminum, imported oxide mirror aluminum, and super-mirror aluminum. According to your product features and positioning to choose the right for your reflector, if you want to do high-end products, then use the imported mirror, low-end, then choose domestic. Domestically made mirror is characterized by no protection of the surface treatment, mirror aluminum will change over time, the price is cheap; imported products are characterized by a stable reflectance, 86% of the ordinary mirror and 95% of the super-mirror two grades, the price to a little more expensive.

What are the surface treatment processes of aluminum mirror sheet

Mirror aluminum sheet made by the rolling, grinding and other methods to deal with the surface of the plate to show the mirror effect. Generally in the aluminum mirror sheet used rolling method to manufacture the coil material and sheet metal. Mirror appearance performance and ductility are the specular highlights and characteristics of the application. Only with high-quality mirror performance, the aluminum mirror sheet can meet the using standard of ordinary interior decoration, electronic consumer goods production and a variety of consumer packaging. What are the surface treatment processes for mirror aluminum sheet?