China Aluminum Circle Performance Characteristics

Aluminum circles are widely used in electronics, daily chemicals, medicine, culture and education, and auto parts. Electrical, thermal insulation, machinery manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, military, mold, construction, printing and other industries. Such as kitchen utensils such as non-stick pot, pressure cooker and metal supplies such as lampshade, water heater shell, stretching tank, etc., it is one of the most used aluminum alloy sheet and strip deep processing products.

Causes of Surface Damage of Aluminium Strip in Processing

Aluminum strip refers to aluminum sheet or strip made from aluminum as main raw material and mixed with other alloy elements. The aluminum strip is a strip obtained by embossing an aluminum ingot, and is divided into different grades, specifications, and states depending on the application. There is a certain amount of solid metal particles in the aluminum strip. When we use aluminum strips, sometimes the surface will be damaged, so what is the cause?

Surface Treatment Of Aluminum And Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum alloys are divided into two major categories: wrought and casting alloys. A further differentiation for each category is based primary on mechanism of property development. Many Aluminum alloys  respond to thermal treatment based on phase solubility. These treatments include solution heat treatment, quenching and precipitation, or age hardening.

How to Dispose Discarded Aluminum Strips and Aluminum Circle

The aluminum strip has good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and the electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of aluminum are second only to silver, copper and gold. Aluminum wafers have a very wide range of applications in our lives, and now they have been developed and applied in aerospace, military and other fields. For example, various housings and protective covers for electronic appliances. We all know that the quality of aluminum is very light and its corrosion resistance is much stronger than other metals. These two points are also the characteristics of aluminum circles. Aluminum circles and aluminum alloys are often used industrially as forgings to cast forgings of various shapes and types. But how do you deal with aluminum circles that have been scrapped after use?

Why Aluminum Circles and Aluminum Strips can be Widely Used?

With the development of science and technology, the aluminum round sheet and the aluminum strip have been developed and applied in the fields of aerospace and military industry. Aluminum strip is mainly used for processing needs good formability, high corrosion resistance, aluminum strip with good formability, corrosion resistance, fatigue strength and moderate static strength. According to the application, the longitudinal shear machine divides the aluminum strip into different widths longitudinally. Used in the manufacture of aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, as well as transportation vehicles, ship sheet metal parts, instruments, street lamp brackets and rivets, hardware products, etc.

Marine aluminum sheet of haomei Aluminum power shipbuilding lightweight

With the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction in the international community, the global shipbuilding industry is trying to achieve low fuel consumption, low emissions and low pollution. Among them, the high performance composite materials have been widely used abroad for its excellent properties. The use of aluminum is far lower than the cost of titanium alloy, carbon fiber and other materials. Because of its low density, high strength and good corrosion resistance, it is widely used in modern shipbuilding industry, especially in the construction of high speed ships. In order to achieve lightweight, improve the speed of the ship, often use a low density of aluminum alloy structure.

What are brushed aluminum sheet alloys?

Brushed aluminum sheets are widely used in brushed aluminum composite panels, fireproof panels, aluminum photo frames, boutique cabinets, boutique doors and windows, veneers, sign boards, lighting, interior and exterior decoration, household appliances, luggage, gifts, furniture, consumer electronics and other fields.

Aluminium Sheet Thickness Gauge In Mm

Nowadays, aluminum and aluminum alloys are increasingly used in varies industries. The most common product of aluminum alloys is aluminium alloy sheet. Thus, aluminum sheet is becoming very common now. The applications of aluminum sheet are diverse in all walks of life, such as building and construction, container and packaging, transportation, electrical industry and so on. On the basic of practical application, people can choose the best alu sheet. So the classification is very important and convenient for both aluminum sheet manufacturers and customers who buy aluminium sheet. The first key knowledge is aluminium sheet thickness gauge in mm.