What are the difference between aluminium tread plate and aluminum sheet?

aluminum tread plate is a very common material that we can see it almost everywhere. As a new type of skid-proof material, it has been recognized and trusted by the vast number of industries and customers. The reason why the  is recognized by people is inseparable with its own advantages

Maintenance and storage of aluminium tread plate

Aluminum tread plate has a wide range of applications, also has its own advantages on the performance. So it is more and more popular on industrial use and we also can see it everywhere on daily life, such as rail-way station, elevator, train and so on. At the same time, aluminium tread plate is metal material, has special metal properties, also need to use scientific methods for maintenance in the daily use. Let us talk about the usual maintenance of pattern aluminum in details.

three bars aluminium tread plate

hree bar aluminium tread plate is called corridor aluminum tread plate, anti-skid aluminum tread plate,rust-proof aluminum tread plate.3-bar aluminium tread plate refers to the pattern of three parallel raised, pattern length 10mm, aluminum main material for the 1060 1100 3003 5052, 3-bar aluminium tread plate pattern beautiful, mainly for non-slip, decorative materials.