what is embossed Colour Coated Aluminium Coil?

Embossed Colour Coated Aluminium Coil, also noted as oven baked embossed aluminium coil, embossed aluminium coil, or aluminium roofing coil, is produced by roller coating system, a continuous process where the aluminium substrate is degreased, chemically pre-treated and oven baked. Further through embossing process, the surface has a beautiful embossment design: either diamond embossed (rhombic) or stucco embossed (orange peel).

Common Ground of 8×4 Aluminium Sheet

No matter which kind of 8×4 aluminium sheet, they all have same width and length. The customers can select other different features. For example, 4×8 aluminum sheet weight, thickness, state, temper, packaging, and so on. But there are several common grounds of these 8×4 aluminium sheet.

Different Expressions of 8×4 Aluminium Sheet

aluminum plates are divided into different sizes and now 8×4 aluminium sheet is the most popular one. 8×4 aluminium sheet belongs to common aluminum alloy. Because its production technology is relatively mature and its transport style is relatively convenient, 8×4 aluminium sheet is playing a more and more important role in both materials and profiles.

How to choose the aluminium sheet for ps plate

The aluminium sheet for ps plate is one of the basic elements for making a high quality PS plate. After long-term development, through years of production research, in recent years, the quality of PS base plate of aluminum processing plants in China has been considerably improved, it is necessary to improve the stability of grades and quality to truly achieve the quality requirements of the aluminum base plate for the PS plate factory, we aluminum ps plate factory must also work hard to creating conditions for the popularization of high-end PS and CTP plates.

Why is a checker plate aluminium sheet used for a tool box?

checker plate aluminium sheet is among main products of Haomei. Our diamond plate used to take a large share of North American market. In spite of high import taxes, some clients still keep contact with us. Speaking of aluminium chequer sheet application, most people think of anti-skid floors in buildings, elevators, stairs and vehicles. It’s less well-known that tool box industry is also a large consumer. A tool box refers to a container for various tools in production, maintenance, fishing etc. Aluminum tool boxes are usually made of checker plate aluminium sheet alloys containing silicon or magnesium. They win wide popularity in packing because of reasonable design, delicate processing, strong loading ability and neat outlook. The boxes first caught fashion abroad and was later introduced into China with higher demands of product integrity in packing and delivery.

What are the classifications and characteristics of the aluminum round sheet for signs?

HAOMEI AlUMINUM is the major aluminum round sheet products manufacturer in China. With long experience in aluminium coil,aluminium sheet,aluminium plate,aluminium disc production, HAOMEI provides high quality pre-painted o non-coated aluminium coils and aluminium sheets and even ready-stamped blanks — Triangle, Circle and Octagon, ideal for traffic and road signs. We also offer more options for custom aluminium signs

What's an aluminium circle sheet application?

aluminum circle/Aluminum disc(round aluminum sheet) is more convenient for the production of conventional products than the rectangular sheet, and we produce and offer the following terms: