China high quality 8021 pharma aluminum foil

The process of packaging aluminum foil for pharmaceuticals appeared in some European countries in the 1930s. Since 1985, China has used pharma aluminum foil for packaging of medicines. At that time, the amount of pharma aluminum foil used was very small, and the annual dosage was about 150 tons. With the improvement of technology and extensive promotion, today’s medicinal 8021 pharma aluminum foil packaging accounted for The proportion of pharmaceutical packaging has increased a lot, compared to the original, the use of 8021 pharma aluminum foil has been greatly improved.
The medicines are packaged in the form of liquid, injection, tablet, granules, etc., but most of these packages use aluminum foil. First of all, it is necessary to make aluminum foil of suitable thickness in aluminum foil processing enterprises (some thicknesses can even reach several tens of micrometers. Imagine that tens of micrometers of aluminum foil is much thinner than a piece of paper), after printing, it can be coated. Used, general pharmaceutical packaging, such as capsules, tablets, and 8021 pharma aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil for easy opening of caps and pharmaceutical packaging.
The 8021-0 aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum has a thickness of 0.04mm-0.065mm, which is commonly used in the production of cold-formed foils. The 8021 aluminum foil produced has its own unique advantages.
1, the production of 8021 pharma aluminum foil version flat, the layout of no bright lines, small black, color, black oil points and other phenomena, to give customers the greatest quality assurance.
2. Ensure the porosity of 8021 pharma aluminum foil when cutting, and brush water reaches A grade.
3, packaging moisture, avoid oxidation, iron core to avoid oxidation
China high quality 8021 pharma aluminum foil



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