what is embossed Colour Coated Aluminium Coil?

Embossed Colour Coated Aluminium Coil, also noted as oven baked embossed aluminium coil, embossed aluminium coil, or aluminium roofing coil, is produced by roller coating system, a continuous process where the aluminium substrate is degreased, chemically pre-treated and oven baked. Further through embossing process, the surface has a beautiful embossment design: either diamond embossed (rhombic) or stucco embossed (orange peel).

Marine aluminum sheet of haomei Aluminum power shipbuilding lightweight

With the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction in the international community, the global shipbuilding industry is trying to achieve low fuel consumption, low emissions and low pollution. Among them, the high performance composite materials have been widely used abroad for its excellent properties. The use of aluminum is far lower than the cost of titanium alloy, carbon fiber and other materials. Because of its low density, high strength and good corrosion resistance, it is widely used in modern shipbuilding industry, especially in the construction of high speed ships. In order to achieve lightweight, improve the speed of the ship, often use a low density of aluminum alloy structure.

What is the stucco embossed aluminum sheet with kraft paper?

The kraft paper embossed stucco aluminum sheet coil is made of kraft paper as a processing material, and the kraft paper is firmly bonded to the stucco embossed aluminum through the high temperature and high pressure. The commonly used materials are 1060, 1050, 3003 and 5052 aluminum, and the tempers are H14, H24, H16, H18, etc., the thickness range 0.1-3.0mm, the thickness of kraft paper is 10-15 micro. Due to the kraft paper has good ductility, strong moisture-proof function, the stucco embossed aluminum with kraft paper are favored by users because of the good corrosion resistance and excellent value preservation in thermal insulation industry.

How do I measure the flatness of 6061 T651 Aluminum Plate?

The method that is use in most cases is 2 foot short span. I will make the assumption that the 6061T651 Aluminum plate has been purchased to “Type 200® wrought tooling plate or Precision Plate®” specification. If not, standard Aluminum Association tolerance of .100” for thickness of 0.250”–0.624” and .075” for thickness of 0.625”-8.000” would apply (Table 7.18*). A certified 24” straight edge is used in conjunction with certified taper gage or feeler gages and a relatively flat inspection surface.

Aluminum Caps Are Your Strengths

aluminium cover made of high quality aluminum production, special health, will not rust, easy to open, without auxiliary tools which, when turned on, CAP has a destructive, which can prevent stolen away.

What's the manufacturing steps of aluminum slug for tubes?

The metal, lead, tin or, more often, aluminum tube, has been around since 1841. As a testimony to its versatility and resilience, it is now packaged throughout the world with production in excess of a half billion pieces per year in the United States alone.

5182 aluminum plate has reasonable price

5182 aluminum plate is one of the best-selling products of Haomei Aluminum. Haomei  5182 aluminum plate has reasonable price and high quality, which is well received by customers all over the world. 5182 aluminum plate belongs to Al-Mg-Si alloy and has a wide range of applications.

What are the different types of aluminium hot-rolled coil?

We provide Hot Rolling Mills for Aluminum where it is used in metal forming process in which metal stock is passed through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce the thickness and to make the thickness uniform. The temperature of metal is above its re-crystallization temperature and it is more tonnage than any other manufacturing processes as the aluminum go through hot rolling they are trimmed and slit with circular or razor like knives. Trimming attributes to the edges of the foil, while slitting involves cutting it into several sheets.

Aluminum Sheet Coil for Food Packaging

Aluminum sheet coil, as a bulk commodity, is familiar to everybody. Speaking of its application, many people would give answers like building decoration, kitchen cupboards, automobiles, ships and vessels, planes, advertising boards and even bottle caps, but few people connect aluminum sheet coil with food.

What is the 5083 aluminum sheet?

The inevitable one that come into my mind when it comes to why 5083 aluminum plate are the most promising aluminum sheets is the extend market demands. Realize it or not, 5083 aluminum plate are widely used in aerospace, transportation, electrics and so on. For example, you can see the shadow of 5083 aluminum plate in aircraft fuel tank, cars, boats and so on. And as far as the auto aluminum field is concerned, 5083 aluminum plate have a broad market prospect.