How do you choose an aluminium door in life

For a good decoration effect, the early design is very important. Nowadays, consumers, especially young consumers, pay more and more attention to the decoration style and the embodiment of their own personality. Early-stage design costs are also a large amount of decoration expenditure. Nowadays, when selecting aluminum doors, professional aluminium door manufacturers will solve the problem of decoration design for customers according to the customer’s needs. So how can you choose an aluminum door in life?

What is the comprehensive knowledge of aluminium alloy profile?

Comprehensive knowledge of aluminum alloy profiles:
Aluminium profiles are aluminum materials with different cross-section shapes through hot melt and extrusion.The production process of aluminum profiles mainly consists of three processes: melting, extrusion and coloring (including: oxidation, electrophoretic coating, fluorine spraying, powder spraying, etc.). 

Color aluminium door window is good?

As the fervent of Chinese real estate market, product of all sorts of new-style building materials appears ceaselessly, door window of door of door of window of color aluminium alloy is door of window of chromatic aluminium alloy, its main material pledges is aluminium alloy, have installation convenient, color choice is much wait for a characteristic, replace common door window gradually. As ordinary consumers, in the purchase of colored aluminum doors and Windows need to pay attention to what is the question of many friends. Next and “future home installs a net” one to see color aluminium door window good? Attention to the choice of colored aluminum doors and Windows!

What are the benefits of aluminium Windows?

Door window concerns daylighting, ventilated, seal, heat insulation, sound insulation wait for functional demand, also concern the requirement of the building adornment such as line, colour and lustre, represented master more aesthetic and pursuit. Window of aluminium alloy door is good with its adornment effect, performance is outstanding, and in numerous door window material pledges stand out, be used extensively in contemporary household.
Advantages of aluminum doors and Windows:

Aluminium profile plate for architectural applications

The anodized aluminum profile plate forms the basis for all training packages. All of the components fit securely and safely into the grooves on the profile plate. There are grooves on each side and, if required, both sides can be fitted with components. We offer a wide range of aluminium profile plate for architectural applications like doors/ windows/ partitions/ shop fronts, glazing applications like curtain wall, scaffolding sections, Furniture sections etc.

How to avoid aluminum profile scratches and grooves defects

The surface of extruded aluminum products has rough vertical or horizontal grooves and scratches. The scratches that are recessed from the surface are mostly caused by the adhesion of the mold or rough machining at the blank knife. Another is raised the scratch appeared on the corner of the products, is generated due to the extrusion die crack. Transverse cut or scratch is mainly due to the finished products from sliding on lateral to cooling bed on the hard thing to highlight when sawing machine will product scratches, also have a plenty of in the loading, handling. Scratches and scratches are common surface defects in aluminum extrusion process.

How does the surface of aluminium sheet extrusion blister?

During the extrusion process of aluminum plate, there will be surface peeling or bubble appearing in a large capacity. What is the reason? What should be done to eliminate it? Now by the aluminum plate manufacturer for your troubleshooting!

Why Aluminum Foil Has a Shiny and a Dull Side

If there’s no trick to it, then why, exactly, does aluminum foil have a shiny and a dull side in the first place? Experts at Reynold’s Kitchen say that the difference between the two sides is due to a manufacturing process called milling, during which heat and tension is applied to stretch and shape the aluminum foil. Two layers of foil are pressed together and milled at the same time, because otherwise, it would break.

What is the cause of air generation in extruding aluminum profiles

Using aluminum extrusion machine for aluminum in the residual air pressure, lead to appear the appearance and internal aluminum bubble, happen not completely solve the defect of the makes aluminum became a waste. In order to prevent air from entering the aluminum profile, it is important to find out the reason why air is brought in. The main factors of residual air in extruded aluminum profiles include:

Aluminum extrusion for bridge construction

Aluminum extrusion is one of the best structural materials for the building of bridges and pontoons, especially for pontoon, aluminum extrusion is the preferred material, because aluminum extrusion has many advantages