what is high silicon aluminum alloy

Silicon has a corrosive effect on cemented carbide. Although the general will be more than 12% Si aluminum alloy called high silicon aluminum alloy, recommend the use of diamond tools, but this is not absolute, silicon content gradually increased the destructive power of the tool is gradually increased. So some manufacturers in the silicon content of more than 8% recommended the use of diamond tools.

The Anti-static Coating Aluminum Coil

The Anti-static Coating Aluminum Coil is processed with special treatment to keep the surface electric resistance in a specific range (standard requirement: 10^6Ω ~10^9Ω), so as to generate repulsive force to dusts with static electricity.

The superior weather resistance of coated aluminum coil

Coated aluminum coil (color aluminum sheet), refers to the aluminum coil or aluminum surface coating coloring treatment products. Common color coated aluminum coil are fluorocarbon coated aluminum roll (PVDF) and polyester coated aluminum coil (PE).

insulating aluminium coil specification and package

Thermal insulation aluminium coil is a product with large export volume. haomei aluminium The export packaging is usually fumigated derrick. It is fixed by steel strip on the outside. There are two layers of damp-proof rain cloth on the outside of the aluminium coil. The damp-proof agent inside is prevented and sealed packing is adopted. It is suitable for sea transportation.

Why there are not cracks in haomei Aluminum aluminum coil?

We could see the ubiquitous aluminum coil in daily life. Different grades of aluminum coil has different performance and advantages, and it also decides the applications. As the steady increase in aluminum coil usage and constantly improve in production technology, but people are fail to prevent the cracks happen during production process.

How to maintain the aluminum alloy coil

Only to do a good job on the maintenance of the aluminum alloy coil in daily life can ensure its efficient use. Aluminum alloy coil is our main product, and it has a wide application of building. We need to pay attention to the maintenance of aluminum coil because of it easy to oxidize.

What is a color coated aluminum coil?

The coated aluminum coil is ideal for producing aluminum composite materials. color coated aluminum coil is a salt with an excellent acid-resistant material. Coating to maintain a long light. It is an environmentally friendly, fire-resistant properties of the green and beautiful decorative.color coated aluminum coil are widely used in ACP,curtain panel,honey comb panel,shutter,roofing and most of the decoration areas.