Application of Mingtai 6016 aluminum plate in automobile lig

With the continuous development of China’s economy, automobiles have become an essential means of transportation for every household, and the automobile industry has also shown signs of vigorous development. The automotive industry is increasingly demanding environmental protection and lightweighting. The 6-series aluminum alloy sheet has become the most widely used automotive body lightweight material due to its good performance and weight reduction effect.
High-strength aluminum alloy materials can be obtained by adding alloying elements such as magnesium, chromium and silicon to aluminum. The strength of ordinary steel for vehicles is about 240 MPa, the strength of high-strength steel is 500-700 MPa, and the strength of automotive aluminum alloy can reach 500 MPa or more. Therefore, the specific strength (strength/density) of the aluminum alloy is higher. Under the equal-strength design conditions, the aluminum alloy is much lighter, and the engine cylinder block and the cylinder head can be reduced by 30%-40%, and the all-aluminum body is more than the steel body. Lighter than 40%, aluminum alloy wheels reduce weight by about 50%.
6016 aluminum plate has good formability and bake hardenability, and is widely used in automobile covers, door covers, trunk lids, top covers and the like, and automobile body covers (especially outer plates), which are special materials for automotive aluminum plates.
Application of Mingtai 6016 aluminum plate in automobile lig
Mingtai Aluminum 6016 aluminum plate can be used in various parts and bodies of automobiles. The edging is an important process in the assembly and assembly process of the inner and outer plates of automobile body panels. The important index for measuring the performance of the 6016 aluminum plate is the bending limit. The O-state 6016 aluminum plate is the softest and is suitable for various bending treatments. 6016 automotive aluminum panels for different alloy states and properties are used in different aspects of automotive manufacturing.



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