3003 aluminum plate China manufacturer

With the rapid development of pure electric buses and passenger cars, the power battery is the main part, and the demand for the battery case of the power battery is also constantly increasing.
Today, I will talk about the power battery aluminum case.
Material: aluminum tape
Advantages: 1. Good heat dissipation compared with steel;
2. Good ductility
3. In line with the call of the market, the demand for lightweight vehicles, the density of aluminum is 1/3 of iron,
4. Aluminum has strong corrosion resistance, so aluminum is the best choice.
According to the process requirements of various manufacturers and the requirements of end customers, 1,1.8.0mm thickness heating stamping; 2, aluminum strip stamping, aluminum strip thickness 1.2mm and 1.5mm, state H14 and O state two, in line with different The demand for the process, when the market first needs the H14 state when the battery case is needed, it takes 5 times to form. As the competition in the market increases, the profit declines in the O state, and the stamping process is formed four times. Increased efficiency and meet the needs of downstream customers.
3003 aluminum plate China manufacturer

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