1060 aluminum container foil material manufacturer

1060 aluminum foil is an aluminum foil manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum 1 series pure aluminum series products, which is the highest aluminum content in all series, can reach more than 99%, is also the softest one. It is widely used in daily life and is suitable for many fields. Among them, the application of 1060 aluminum container foil material is favored by customers.
1060 can be made into sheet, coil, pipe, aluminum foil, etc., used in the replacement of traditional manufacturing materials, the new popular aluminum container foil made with it has become the “new darling” of food. 1060 aluminum foil is very suitable for catering packaging, oven baking, charcoal grilling, etc. It is mainly used in home kitchens, civil aviation companies and service industries related to packaged foods.
1060 aluminum container foil material manufacturer
The aluminum box has good conductivity, can accelerate the baking and freezing speed, can withstand high and low temperature (-20 鎺

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